Friday, March 11, 2016

Goodbye Dog Hello Joe-Pig

I had to say another farewell last week to my precious Dog, who has served me well and taught me much. Sometimes, people need to step away from a lifestyle to take care of themselves, and there is nothing wrong with that. Happening in the same week that I had to say goodbye to Sanjay, however, made me a little emotional, and Dog and I talked a bit about our experience together. He gives me pointers every now and then and we still chat a little. But no more local beer and Chinese deliveries and wallet drainings when I want. Boo.

However, about a month ago, Joe-Pig approached me on Fetlife. He is not local, and most people that message me there are time wasters who are looking for a freebie and don't tribute. Joe-Pig promptly paid tribute when demanded, and we have struck an arrangement. I have him set on a pay schedule, and in return, I degrade and humiliate him while he wears a cutesy pink glass butt plug. So far, it's been very beneficial to both of us, I think. I needed someone who would be pliant and malleable, obedient and prompt. Every Friday, there is money in my account. When I demand a gift card, it's in my email. I needed someone I could be in control of, who is there for verbal abuse so I don't give it to others. People may not understand D/S relationships, but honestly, if someone wants you to take it out on them, and you need an outlet, why not? It's better than hurting someone innocent.

Dog and Joe-Pig are both very different in their interactions, but both have been able to fulfill that domme aspect of me to control and abuse, the need to be adored, fawned over, and spoiled (although there could be more praise for my physical beauty, just saying). It's incredibly rewarding to hear after a session "that was amazing Goddess" or to be told I took him to a level of subspace he'd never been in. Mind you, my interactions are all via text.

Joe-Pig isn't local to me, by a long shot. Some day I hope he would be able to serve me in person. But until then, our arrangement works just fine.

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